Additional Training Resources

ACC Report - Development at U.S. Airports: A Summary Look at Future Trends and Opportunities - This report provides a high-level overview of airport development trends. Based on research of U.S. airport capital development projects over the next half decade to 2022, the study highlights trends in types of projects, likely procurement models and funding, and associated consulting services required of airports. Priorities by project category are highlighted, along with a summary of the largest development projects expected over the next five years.

2019 - 2023 National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) Report -The National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) identifies nearly 3,330 existing and proposed airports that are included in the national airport system, the roles they currently serve, and the amounts and types of airport development eligible for Federal funding under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) over the next five years.   

FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Handbook - The AIP Handbook provides guidance to FAA staff about the administration of the Airport Improvement Program.

Public Area Security National Framework - This publication provides recommendations designed to enhance security in public spaces at airports and throughout the transportation system.

IATA Airport Development Reference Manual - The Airport Development Reference Manual (ADRM) provides guidance on designing airport facilities, taking user needs in mind.

PARAS Recommended Security Guidelines for Airport Planning, Design and Construction - This document represents the fifth iteration of guidance for the airport security planning and design community. The guidelines are a compendium of real-world experience and best practices developed by outstanding professionals in the field, providing recommendations for airport security–specific planning and design concepts that are scalable to airports of any size and complexity.