The Hold Room

Join us in The Hold Room, a bi-monthly podcast brought to you by the Airport Consultants Council! The Hold Room will explore the latest trends in airport development and passenger facilitation both here in the U.S. and around the world. Conversational, informative, and sometimes irreverent, expect unique insights from ACC leaders, members, airports, and industry experts as we breakdown trends directly affecting airport development, including: the future of passenger facilitation; airline industry prognosis; airport construction practices; and legislative and regulatory updates. We will also explore the issues affecting your company, including increasing diversity in the industry, financial trends and challenges, and recruiting, developing and retaining employees, just to name a few. Don’t miss this new opportunity to engage with ACC - you never know who you might run into while hanging out in The Hold Room!
  • Episode 13: Larry Studdiford
    Former ACC Board Chair Larry Studdiford provides his expertise regarding baggage handling technology/innovation and how it contributes to the positive passenger experience. He dives into the intricacies of baggage design, operations, and cost and how this affects airports and travelers.
  • Episode 12: Stuart Vella
    Stuart Vella, Vice President Commercial Development & Operations, USA, joins Laura and Delia in The Hold Room to discuss technology based solutions in premium lounges that are here to stay.
  • Episode 11: Alan Howell
    Alan Howell, a senior airport architect with the Metropolitan Airports Commission at MSP, joins Laura and Delia in The Hold Room to discuss an architect’s perspective on working at an active airport. He talks about the impact the last couple of years has had on the projects at the airport.
  • Episode 10: Matt Cunha
    Matt Cunha, a State Trooper at Boston-Logan International Airport, joins Laura and Delia in The Hold Room to discuss law enforcement’s perspective on working at an active airport. He talks about what he enjoys about working in law enforcement at an airport as well as the challenges and changes to the passenger experience he has seen over the last two years.
  • Episode 9: Mary Luc
    Mary Luc, a quarantine public health officer with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at SFO, joins Delia and Neil in The Hold Room to discuss the CDC’s role at airports in mitigating the spread of infectious diseases within the United States. She talks about the importance of collaboration between public health agencies and airport partners, as well as her advice for traveling during the pandemic. * This episode is a great reminder about the best ways for travelers to keep themselves and others safe while traveling, particularly around the holidays. Stay safe, Happy Holidays, and stay tuned for more episodes in the new year!