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    This 90-minute ACC YP webinar will provide an overview on the basics of FAA funding at airports., how the FAA collects funds and how these funds are distributed to airports and projects.

    This ACC YP on-demand webinar provides an overview of the basics of FAA funding at airports and panelists will review how the FAA collects funds and the distribution of funds to airports and projects. This on-demand program focuses on the basics of FAA funding for airport projects and the sources airports can utilize to fund their projects. Federal funds make up a large share of funding at airports and understanding the financing of projects is integral for any agency, airport, and their consultants. 

    This on-demand webinar also covers the topics of FAA funding, state block grants, and airport specific project funding. Please note that COVID-19 and CARES Act topics are not covered during this on-demand program.


    At the end of this ACC YP on-demand webinar, participants will be able to:

    • Summarize the various sources of funding available from the FAA.
    • Differentiate how the state block grant system is different from working directly with the FAA.
    • Explain how FAA funds can be applied to airport projects and what is eligible for these funds.
    • Identify sources of funding at an airport outside of FAA funds.


    • Abigail See, EIT, (Moderator), Civil Engineer, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
    • Richard Kula, Manager, Planning and Program Branch, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - Great Lakes Region
    • TJ Chen, P.E., CM, Chief Administrative Officer, Planning and Development, Sacramento County Department of Airports
    • Kari Campbell, Director, Grant Management and Administration, Texas Department of Transportation


    The registration fee for this webinar is “per person.” The sharing of webinar log-in credentials to provide access to the webinar by non-registered/paid individuals is prohibited. 


    ACC will not be offering accreditation for this program. You may obtain a certificate of completion by viewing the on-demand webinar in its entirety and downloading/printing your certificate.

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