FAA Advisory Circulars

New & Revised AC's

150/5345-53D: Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program - This AC describes the Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program (ALECP). It provides information on how an organization can get Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) acceptance as a third-party certification body (third-party certifier) and how manufacturers may get equipment qualified under the program.

150/5395-1B: Seaplane Bases - This AC  provides guidance to assist operators in planning, designing, and constructing seaplane bases and associated facilities.

Draft AC's

150/5300-14D: Design of Aircraft Deicing Facilities - This AC  provides standards and guidance for designing aircraft deicing facilities.

150/5345-3H: Panels for the Control of Airport Lighting - This draft  reviews the mandatory inclusion of the emergency generator switch and light on a L-821 Lighting Control Panel.

150/5345-5C: Specifications for Airport Lighting Circuit Selector Switch - This AC contains a specification for a circuit selector switch for use in airport lighting circuits.