ACRP Reports and Resources

ACRP Reports

Airport Waste Management and Recycling Practices - This report focuses on airport waste management and recycling practices that reduce impacts and costs to airports and their surrounding communities. 

Airport Passenger Terminal Planning and Design, Volume 1: Guidebook - Report 25, Airport Passenger Terminal Planning and Design comprises a guidebook, spreadsheet models, and more to provide guidance in planning and developing airport passenger terminals and to assist users in analyzing common issues related to airport terminal planning and design.

Synthesis 42: Integrating Environmental Sustainability into Airport Contracts - This report provides examples of how airports might help drive environmental sustainability performance improvements at their facilities by integrating environmental sustainability concepts into contracts with contractors, suppliers, and vendors. 

Transportation Emergency Response Application (TERA) Support Materials for Airport EOC Exercises - This publication provides tools for airport staff tasked with planning, coordinating, and facilitating a functional Emergency Operations Center (EOC) exercise. The report guides airport staff in using the TERA software to facilitate or enhance federally mandated tabletop exercises.

Synthesis 10: Airport Sustainability Practices - This report explores airport sustainability practices across environmental, economic, and social issues. 

Enhancing Airport Wayfinding for Aging Travelers and Persons with Disabilities - Report 177: This publication provides guidance to assist aging travelers and persons with disabilities to travel independently within airports using pedestrian wayfinding systems. The guidebook addresses travel by people with cognitive, sensory, and other mobility challenges.

Report 14: Deicing Planning Guidelines and Practices for Stormwater Management Systems - This report explores a wide array of practices designed to provide for the practical, cost-effective control of runoff from aircraft and airfield deicing and anti-icing operations.

Synthesis 70: Building Information Modeling for Airports - This report summarizes current state of the art and practice for Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM is a digital representation of a facility‚Äôs physical and functional characteristics, offering tools that allow airport decision makers to understand all components of a facility - their location, and their attributes, both graphically and systematically - to minimize the total cost of owning and operating an airport facility.  

Report 80: Guidebook for Incorporating Sustainability into Traditional Airport Projects - This publication describes sustainability and its potential benefits, and identifies different applications of sustainable initiatives in traditional airport construction and everyday maintenance projects.  

Synthesis 69: Airport Sustainability Practices—Drivers and Outcomes for Small Commercial and General Aviation Airports - This report explores drivers and outcomes of green initiatives undertaken at small commercial and general aviation airports. Drivers could include financial viability, staffing considerations, or other social or environmental factors.  

Report 99: Guidance for Treatment of Airport Stormwater Containing Deicers - This publication offers a process to help airports identify, select, and implement technologies to treat stormwater that has been affected by deicing materials. The guidance also includes suggestions for the design, operation, and maintenance of different treatment technologies.