PMBOK® Guide - Sixth Edition: 20 - Identifying Project Risks

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In Identifying project risks, you will learn about the Identify Risk process as outlined in the PMBOK®. The Cost Management Plan will be used to identify risk regarding the cost constraints, or budget, of a project. The Schedule Management Plan will identify risks associated with project development, especially predecessors and successors, and how risk can impact their ability to meet a project's critical path. The Quality Management Plan will help determine the risks associated with integrating quality within work packages, or at the activity level. The Human Resource Plan helps detail risks associated with resource availability and their aptitude regarding project deliverables. This helps ensure that the project manager has the right people at the right time to develop project deliverables. Additional inputs are all reviewed and taken into consideration to help drive and determine potential risk within a project. Upon completion of this course, you will know the required details and understand the skills required to identify project risk, and will have gained experience in detailing project plans, understanding assumptions, be able to revert to prior project artifacts for historical reference, and understand the need for organization within a project and the requirement for keeping accurate records and project artifacts. (Intermediate – 1.75 hours).


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
• Describe communications management.
• Explain various communications skills Identify and analyze stakeholders. 
• Utilize tools and techniques for effective communications.
• Implement communications models and methods.
• Plan communications.


Begin self-paced component package.
Begin self-paced component package.
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