AEC Success: How to Communicate and Present Effectively

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Do you communicate effectively? Engineers and other technical professionals typically work on teams and projects that require constant communication. Your ability to communicate effectively will impact your relationships and your results, both professionally and personally. This course will give you tips to help you transform into a comfortable, confident communicator. (Fundamental - 1 Hour)

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Determine which form of communication is best for each project situation
  • Effectively communicate with team members, clients and end-users
  • Increase your likability through honesty
  • Build confidence in your presentation skills
  • “Listen” for cues to better communication skills
  • Respond to issues in a timely manner

Anthony Fasano, P.E., LEED AP, ACC

Engineering Career Coach, Bestselling Author & Speaker

Anthony Fasano, P.E., author of the bestselling book Engineer Your Own Success: 7 Key Elements to Creating an Extraordinary Engineering Career, is a nationally recognized professional coach and inspirational speaker specializing in the areas of business and career growth and development as well as leadership. Anthony uses his highly effective coaching and speaking techniques to help engineers and other technical professionals work through blocks, prioritize effectively, set clear goals and achieve their maximum potential. 

Fasano found success as an engineer at a young age and has since left his engineering career to travel the world inspiring engineers. His company website called the Engineering Management Institute (previously known as The Engineering Career Coach) is loaded with free resources including two popular iTunes podcasts for engineers (one recently cited by Forbes) which are downloaded over 1,000 times per day. His book Engineer Your Own Success was recently published by IEEE-Wiley Press as an updated and expanded second edition. 

Fasano received a B.S. and a M.S. in Civil Engineering from Lafayette College and Columbia University respectively and his coaching certificate from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. 


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Begin self-paced component package.
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