ACC Understanding Airport Obstruction Data, Evaluation, and Management On-Demand Webinar

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This ACC on-demand webinar will provide an overview of the collection of airport obstruction data, fundamentals of airspace obstruction terminology, regulation, evaluation, and finally, a discussion of obstruction management - including impacts and solutions. Obstruction data collection has traditionally required obtaining aerial photography, with stereo pairs and aerial triangulation to produce a data set composed of both ground and top elevations of trees and other objects. This method remains valid for obstruction analysis, but new methods using LIDAR and other newer technologies are proving useful, with the potential for improved data accuracy. Once the data  collected, the various airspace surfaces are evaluated. The traditional CFR Part 77 Imaginary Surfaces used in master planning are not necessarily the surfaces that will be cleared.

The second component of this 90-minute session will focus on the appropriate clearance surface-based FAA airport design standards outlined in the updated guidance in Advisory Circular 150/5300-13A (and Draft 150/5300-13B) and Engineering Briefs 99A and 100A. 

Lastly, once the obstruction evaluation and associated Obstacle Action Plan (OAP) are complete, you will learn what the potential impacts and solutions of implementation are, as obstruction removal and vegetation management can be a significant challenge for airport sponsors.  


At the end of this ACC on-demand webinar, you will be able to:
• Identify projects that may benefit from the acquisition of obstruction information.
• Compare various methods to acquire and apply obstruction data.
• Determine and prioritize the various surfaces that can impact an approach area.
• Develop an obstruction mitigation plan to support environmental review, acquisition of property rights, and ultimately, obstruction removal.


• Stephanie Ward, AICP, Department Manager – Aviation East, Mead & Hunt, Inc.
• Paul McDonnell, AICP, Chief Airport Planner, CHA Consulting, Inc. 


The registration fee for this on-demand webinar provides unlimited registration for your corporate employees for a period of six months. One individual should register, paying the appropriate fee, and ACC will follow-up with a discount code for use in registering other employees at no charge. To earn the PDH credit, each individual will register separately using the discount code, view the recorded webinar, complete the evaluation survey, and earn a score of 70% or better on the quiz. Each registrant must have an ACC Training Hub user account to register.

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Quiz to Earn PDH Credits
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5 Questions  |  3 attempts  |  70/100 points to pass To meet accreditation requirements, participants will need to take the on-demand webinar quiz and earn a grade of 70% or better.
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Participants are responsible for meeting all the following criteria to earn accreditation credits for this webinar: 

• Be a paid and registered participant for this training; 

• Sign-in to the webinar no later than 12:55 p.m. EST through your account in the ACC Training Hub; 

• Attend for the full 90-minute duration of the webinar (credits are not issued for partial attendance); and

• Complete/submit no later than 5:00 p.m. EST on Monday, January 25, 2021 the ACC evaluation survey.


ACC must adhere to strict standards as a registered and approved continuing education provider. As such, ACC will request a $50 processing fee and signed accreditation affidavit to issue credits to participants failing to meet the above accreditation criteria and deadlines. 


ACC reports attendance and PDH credits for eligible participants directly to within 30 days of the conclusion of the webinar. Participants will receive an automated email directly from RCEP/ACEC with notification of reporting of attendance/PDH credits by ACC, and are encouraged to check their spam/junk email in-box for this communication. Participants can log-in to their RCEP account and download/print a copy of their certificate of completion. If the participant does not have an existing account with RCEP, one is automatically created for them when ACC reports webinar attendance/PDH credits. The automated email sent to the participant from RCEP will include details on how to log-in to their new account, along with a temporary account password. PLEASE NOTE: ACC does not have access to the RCEP account of any participant, nor information on account passwords. Participants will need to contact RCEP directly at (202) 347-7474 for assistance, or can visit, enter their work email address in the log-in, and click "Forgot Password."


Upon completion of the webinar and evaluation survey, participants holding the AICP professional designation must self-report their CM credits to the American Planning Association (APA). Please refer to APA/AICP course number #9209853. 


The registration fee for ACC live webinars is “per person.” The sharing of your log-in credentials to provide access to the webinar by non-registered individuals is prohibited. Doing so will nullify the issuance of your PDH credits for attending, as ACC cannot meet the required accreditation criteria as a continuing education provider to verify your attendance – or your participation for the entire duration of the webinar – with multiple log-ins under your name.


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