ACC Lunch & Learn On-Demand Webinar - Development and Performance History of the FAA P-404 Fuel-Resistant Asphalt Mix Specification

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This complimentary ACC on-demand Lunch & Learn webinar - generously sponsored by Associated Asphalt Pavement, LLC - will provide an overview of the development of the FAA P-404 Fuel-Resistant Mix specification. Jet fuel, hydraulic oil and de-icing chemicals cause damage to asphalt pavement on airfields. Coal tar sealers have been used to protect airfield pavements from fuel damage, but they are carcinogenic. 

Associated Asphalt developed an environmentally friendly, highly polymer-modified asphalt binder that makes the asphalt pavement resistant to fuel and oil spills and eliminates the need for hazardous sealers. This presentation will document the history of use of fuel-resistant binder beginning at La Guardia Airport in 2002. It will describe the development of a generic fuel-resistant mix specification that is a modified version of the P-401 specification. The P-401 mix specification was modified to optimize the properties of a highly-polymer modified liquid asphalt and produce a mix that is highly resistant to rutting and cracking, as well as resistant to damage from jet fuel, hydraulic oil and de-icing chemicals. The result is a fuel-resistant mix that will last significantly longer than a P-401 mix. 

This specification was first used at Logan Airport in 2004. The FAA adopted the Logan Airport fuel-resistant mix specification in 2014, after evaluating the performance over a ten-year period. This program will include extensive laboratory testing documenting the superiority of the P-404 mix and a field performance history dating back to 2002. The webinar will provide participants the knowledge necessary to select P-404 mix for appropriate airfield pavement applications.  


At the end of this ACC on-demand Lunch & Learn webinar, participants will be able to:
• Recognize the dangers associated with the use of coal tar sealers.
• Compare P-401 mix design criteria with P-404 mix design criteria.
• Assess the mix performance testing data of P-404 mixes. 
• Apply the information presented to correctly specify P-404 pavements.


• Ronald L. Corun, Specialty Product Manager, Associated Asphalt Pavement, LLC


Credits/hours are not provided for ACC on-demand Lunch & Learn webinars. However, participants who register and attend the entire duration of the recorded webinar can download a certificate of completion in their ACC Training Hub user account Dashboard.

Ronald L. Corun

Specialty Products Sales and Marketing Manager, Associated Asphalt Partners, LLC

Ronald L. Corun is the Specialty Products Sales and Marketing Manager for Associated Asphalt Partners, LLC, a major asphalt supplier founded in 1948 with headquarters in Roanoke, VA. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Previously, Mr. Corun worked for 21 years as the Director of Asphalt Technical Services for Axeon Specialty Products, Manager of Asphalt Technical Services for NuStar Asphalt LLC and the Senior Technical Manager for the CITGO Asphalt Refining Company. Prior to those positions, he worked for 33 years for Corun & Gatch, Inc., an asphalt paving construction firm founded by his grandfather. Mr. Corun has worked extensively in all areas of the asphalt paving industry – laborer, equipment operator, plant operator, quality control and mix design technician, superintendent, estimator and general manager. He serves on numerous committees of the Asphalt Institute, the National Asphalt Pavement Association, the Association of Modified Asphalt Producers and is currently Co-Chairman of the Northeast Asphalt User Producer Group. Mr. Corun is a member of the Transportation Research Board, The Association of Asphalt Pavement Technologists and Who’s Who in America.

Paving the Way Forward

Associated Asphalt is one of the largest independent liquid asphalt resellers in the United States. Backed by more than seven decades of industry experience - and a 6 million barrel capacity - we serve the Eastern United States with a focus on safety, environmental responsibility, and dedication to helping contractors pave their own road to success.

Supplying Liquid Asphalt and More for 70 Years

As one of the largest independent asphalt resellers in the United States, Associated Asphalt stores, blends, hauls, and sells a range of asphalt products. From our headquarters in Roanoke, Virginia, Associated Asphalt serves customers throughout the Eastern United States. Our network of liquid asphalt and emulsion terminals is the largest on the East Coast. Our 33 terminals are easily accessible by rail, barge or truck, and supported by our truck fleet as well as time-chartered vessels.

Who We Are

"We are proud to supply quality paving grade asphalt and emulsions throughout the East Coast, helping many contractors "pave their road to success."

The liquid asphalt industry utilizes the byproduct of crude oil processing as a binder for road paving. Associated Asphalt plays a major role in the industry providing on-demand liquid asphalt to its customers for their projects. In addition to our extensive terminal, storage, and transportation capabilities, we produce polymer modified asphalt, asphalt emulsion and provide technical services. Our strong, ever-growing network of terminals, suppliers and transportation methods enable us to efficiently serve our customers with innovative products throughout the eastern United States.

Providing On-Demand Supply Along the East Coast

We have terminals placed throughout the Eastern United States to ensure responsive service to our customers and to provide fast access to supply. All terminals are located near major interstates for quick and efficient access. Associated Asphalt’s dedication to providing an ample supply of asphalt products, on-demand for our customers, has driven us to continually build upon our access points throughout the East Coast. With 33 land- and water-accessible terminals and offices, we are better able to serve our customers when they need us, where they need us.

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