ACC June 2020 Security Committee On-Demand Conference Call

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Contains a recording of ACC's latest Terminal & Facilities Committee meeting for those members who were unable to participate in the call held on June 3, 2020. Hear all about the agenda items discussed during the conference call with this on-demand recording.

Walter Dickey, Executive Director Screening Systems (Acting) for TSA, briefed members of the ACC Security Committee during its call this week. Dickey highlighted technologies that are being deployed to help facilitate less contact at checkpoints and for checked baggage inspection. TSA is currently deploying state of the art computed tomography (CT) systems for carry on bags, credential authentication technology (CAT), and upgraded algorithms for advanced imaging technology (AIT) and explosive detection systems. Dickey discussed TSA’s testing process in light of social distancing and future technologies to enhance contactless security screening. The committee call is available on the ACC Training Hub as is Dickey’s presentation.

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Security Committee Recording
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Open to view video.