ACC Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR) of Airfield Pavement Using Portland Cement On-Demand Webinar

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This ACC on-demand webinar provides an overview of the Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR) process and discusses design details, the history of FDR, the construction process, and different applications for FDR. Learn how to avoid potential problems with FDR and see photos and lessons learned from recent airfield projects that utilized the FDR method. The P-207 In-place Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) Recycled Asphalt Aggregate Base Course specification was released by FAA in 2018 as an addition to the FAA’s Advisory Circular 150/5370-10H Standard Specifications for Construction of Airports. FDR is a pavement rehabilitation method that involves recycling an existing asphalt pavement and base course, done by pulverizing the existing pavement and mixing it with Portland cement to create a strong base to support a new pavement section. Learn how the FDR method provides a very strong pavement base and can be a cost-effective solution for pavement rehabilitation, particularly when dealing with poor subgrades. 


At the end of this ACC on-demand webinar, you will be able to:
• Summarize the FDR construction process.
• Apply the FDR method to pavement rehabilitation design.
• Identify pavement rehabilitation scenarios that may be good candidates for FDR. 
• Avoid common mistakes made during FDR design and construction.


• Mike DeVoy, P.E., Aviation Business Line Director, CHA Consulting, Inc. (Moderator)
• Randall Brookshire, P.E., Technical Manager, WK Dickson & Co., Inc
Andrew Johnson, P.E., Pavement Design Engineer, Southeast Cement Promotion Association (SCPA)


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Mike DeVoy, P.E. (Moderator)

Aviation Business Line Director

CHA Consulting

All of Mike DeVoy’s 32 years of experience have been in the aviation industry. Mike is a proud graduate of Purdue University and a registered professional engineer in 17 states. His experience includes the rehabilitation airside and landside pavements. Mike is recognized for the technical expertise he brings to the aviation industry, having served on multiple committees and technical panels throughout his career. Mike is a former Board Chair for ACC and is currently serving as the Chair for the ACC Education and Accreditation Committee.

Randall Brookshire, P.E.

Technical Manager

WK Dickson

Randall Brookshire has over 16 years of engineering experience, with the last ten years dedicated to airport-related projects for both general aviation and commercial service airports. Randy has been responsible for the design and permitting for runway, taxiway, and apron rehabilitation projects; runway widening; new taxiway construction; perimeter roads, parking lots, and site access improvements; hangar area development; and obstruction clearing projects. Randy has a BS in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering from George Mason University.

Andrew Johnson, P.E.

Pavement Design Engineer

Southeast Cement Promotion Association (SCPA)

Andy Johnson has been the Pavement Design Engineer for the SE Cement Promotion Association since 2014.  He retired from the South Carolina DOT that same year, where he had worked at the Office of Materials and Research since 1989.  Before retirement, he was SCDOT’s State Pavement Design Engineer.  Andy has a BS in Geology and BSE, ME, and Ph.D. degrees in Civil Engineering, all from the University of South Carolina.  He has been a registered professional engineer in South Carolina since 1991 and was the first engineer hired by SCDOT specifically to perform pavement designs. During his years at SCDOT, Andy and his staff performed over 1500 pavement designs on roads ranging from low-volume secondary routes to urban interstates.


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