ACC Electric Aircrafts Are On the Horizon – Is Your Airport Ready? On-Demand Webinar

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This ACC on-demand webinar introduces electric aircraft and their impact on aviation sustainability. According to Aviation Week, roughly 100 electric aircraft models are in development worldwide, half of which have been announced since just 2017. Electric training aircraft are already in operation at general aviation facilities around the country, and airlines have serious plans to deploy electric aircraft on short-haul routes within the next few years. As much of the low hanging fruit in aviation sustainability gets captured, the industry is looking towards electrically propelled aircraft to reduce emissions, improve air quality, and mitigate noise. However, these aircraft will present airports and air carriers with new challenges, both operationally and related to how airplanes are “fueled” on the ground. This on-demand webinar provides an overview of the budding electric aircraft industry, the sustainability benefits associated with operating electric aircraft, and the energy and infrastructure implications these airplanes present to airports.


At the end of this ACC on-demand webinar, participants will be able to:
• Describe the current state of electric aircraft technology, application to general and commercial aviation, and deployment timelines.
• Explain the requirements for electric aircraft charging and related implications to airport energy infrastructure and sustainability performance.
• Identify the stakeholders necessary to engage to ensure smooth deployment of electric aircraft and related infrastructure.
• Articulate airport revenue opportunities related to electric aircraft charging.


Corey Johnson, Private Pilot, ENV SP (Moderator), Senior Project Manager, Aviation and Sustainability, C&S Companies
• James Wolf, Sustainability Program Director, Cape Air
• Richard Smith, CAE, CM, Chief, Aviation Division, Los Angeles County Public Works
• Adam Klauber, Technical Advisor, Rocky Mountain Institute
• Ron Hoffman, Business Development, Eviation Aircraft


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ACC On-Demand Webinar
Recorded 10/25/2019
Recorded 10/25/2019
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