ACC Developing Comprehensive Construction Safety and Phasing Plans (CSPP) On-Demand Webinar

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This ACC on-demand webinar will provide an overview on the key technical aspects for developing construction safety and phasing plans (CSPP). It will also cover best practices, lessons learned, and common pitfalls that should be considered when preparing the CSPP. Examples from real projects will be shared during the webinar. A CSPP must be developed for each on-airfield construction project funded by the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) or located on an airport certificated under Part 139. For on-airfield construction projects at Part 139 airports funded without AIP funds, the preparation of a CSPP represents an acceptable method the certificate holder may use to meet Part 139 requirements during airfield construction activity. Airports are complex environments, and procedures and conditions associated with construction activities often affect aircraft operations and can jeopardize operational safety. Safety considerations are paramount and may make operational impacts unavoidable. However, careful planning, scheduling, and coordination of construction activities can minimize disruption of normal aircraft operations and avoid situations that compromise the airport’s operational safety. 


At the end of this ACC on-demand webinar, participants will be able to:
• Interpret FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-2G – Operational Safety on Airports During Construction.  
• Identify the critical items that are required for a comprehensive CSPP.  
• Recognize some of the common pitfalls that may get overlooked when preparing a CSPP. 
• Apply lessons learned and best practices from airport construction projects across the country. 


Robert Koller, P.E., ENV SP, Aviation Department Manager, Great Lakes Region, C&S Companies
• Nathan Summers, P.E., LEED AP, Project Manager, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.


The registration fee is $89 and registration is per person.


To earn PDH credits for this on-demand webinar, you will need to view the recording in its entirety, complete the brief evaluation survey, and pass the quiz with a score of 70% or better. ACC reports attendance/PDH credits to eligible participants directly to within 30 days of receiving notification of your passing grade. 


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ACC Evaluation Survey
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11 Questions Participants are required to complete the evaluation survey to earn PDH credits for attendance.
Quiz to Earn PDH Credits
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7 Questions  |  3 attempts  |  70/100 points to pass To earn 1.5 PDH credits for this ACC on-demand webinar, participants must take the seven-question quiz and earn a score of 70% or better. Participants have two attempts to pass the quiz.


Participants are responsible for meeting all the following criteria to earn PDH credits for this on-demand webinar: 
• Be a paid and registered participant for this training; 
• View the recording in its entirety (credits are not issued for partial viewing); 
• Complete the evaluation survey; and
• Pass the quiz with a score of 70% or better.


ACC reports attendance and PDH credits for eligible participants directly to within 30 days of the conclusion of the webinar. Participants will receive an automated email directly from RCEP/ACEC with notification of reporting of attendance/PDH credits by ACC, and are encouraged to check their spam/junk email in-box for this communication. Participants can log-in to their RCEP account and download/print a copy of their certificate of completion. If the participant does not have an existing account with RCEP, one is automatically created for them when ACC reports webinar attendance/PDH credits. The automated email sent to the participant from RCEP will include details on how to log-in to their new account, along with a temporary account password. PLEASE NOTE: ACC does not have access to the RCEP account of any participant, nor information on account passwords. Participants will need to contact RCEP directly at (202) 347-7474 for assistance, or can visit, enter their work email address in the log-in, and click "Forgot Password."


The registration fee for ACC on-demand webinars is “per person.” The sharing of your log-in credentials or viewing of the on-demand webinar by non-registered individuals is prohibited. Doing so will nullify the issuance of your PDH credits.


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