ACC Applications of Runway Declared Distances On-Demand Webinar

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Runway Declared Distances provides an alternative method of satisfying Runway Design Standards when local conditions do not enable the provision of full dimensional FAA standards.  While Declared Distances have been in use for decades, their use in practice has evolved over time, with their increased use following FAA’s Runway Safety Areas (RSA) program, the expanded use of Engineered Materials Arresting System (EMAS), and a heighten emphasis on Approach and Departure Surfaces.  This webinar’s focus is on the practical and most commonly approved applications of Declared Distances, providing both a basic understanding and the noteworthy criteria for their practical use. This session will provide an overview of Declared Distances definitions, key principles, and design criteria for runway marking, lighting, and signage.  


At the end of this ACC webinar, participants will be able to:
• Explain why and where Runway Declared Distances may be useful or necessary
• Understand the basic application Declared Distances and key rules in their use
• Describe the pros and cons of EMAS 
• Comprehend the issues of marking, lighting & signage with Declared Distances


• Paul McDonnell, AICP, PP (NJ), Senior Principal Planner, Vice President, CHA Consulting, Inc.
• Jared Parr, P.E., Aviation Design Electrical Team Leader, Garver, LLC
• Adam White, PE, Aviation Team Leader, Garver, LLC (Moderator)


ACC Applications of Runway Declared Distances On-Demand Webinar
Recorded 04/28/2022
Recorded 04/28/2022 On-Demand web content recorded on 04/28/2022.
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